Zoloft Autism Lawyer

Zoloft is a popular brand name of the prescription drug known as Sertraline – a drug prescribed to treat the adverse symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and major depression disorder (MDD). This drug is also commonly prescribed for conditions including obsessive compulsive disorder and is the most commonly prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug on the American market today. Unfortunately, this drug is increasingly linked to the onset of autism in children exposed prenatally as many women have been prescribed this drug during pregnancy to combat the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A personal injury lawsuit involving a prescription drug is a civil proceeding in which a plaintiff injured by a drug can recover the amount of money they spent to treat the condition. In the event of Zoloft-induced autism, parents of children exposed to this drug who now have this condition can recover some or all of the money spent pursuing a treatment plan for their child. Each case of autism is unique and each child’s treatment course is a bit different. Some children require minimal interventions while others are incapable of communication and must attend specialized private schools.

Autism affects children in different ways. Some children exhibit only social difficulties but are able to maintain a high level of cognition and thrive in a mainstream school setting. These children may have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relationships and may not “play well with others.” Fortunately, the right amount of therapy and education can lead children with mild forms of autism in the right direction and these children are able to become high-functioning members of society.

Other children face a tougher battle with autism and require much more extensive therapy and assistance. These children are virtually unable to communicate with others and exhibit tendencies which would render them unable to thrive and learn in a mainstream school setting. Luckily, these children can attend special schools designed to meet their unique needs. However, many parents face significant financial burdens in sending their children to these schools as tuition rates may be very expensive.

A personal injury lawsuit against the makers of drugs like Zoloft is one option many families consider. A lawsuit is designed to redress financial injuries caused at the hands of another. The law recognizes the injustice that flows from one party inflicting negligent or wanton harm onto another and helps those victims recover their financial losses. If you were prescribed Zoloft while pregnant and you believe your child developed autism as a result, contact our offices as soon as possible. We would love to help you with your claim and we are a national law firm dedicated to helping families facing autism.

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